Next litter is sired by Bean from Utahdoodlebug.

Next litter expected end of September 2021


If you are a first-time pet owner or if you are looking to add to your current puppy family, we are intent on providing the best experience possible. We know that it is very important for both puppy and owner to have as smooth of a transition as possible. To aid with this process, we will provide a Puppy Package that will generally include the following:

  1. Bed/Blanket with Mother’s Scent

  2. Leash and Collar

  3. Puppy Food

  4. Dog Treats

  5. Dog Toy

  6. Poop Bags

  7. Training Booklet-This will have

    • Puppy care program

      • Feeding

      • Potty training

    • Tips and Tricks

      • Chewing

      • Kennel training

      • Treats


Items may vary



Prices of puppies are $2500 per puppy. To reserve a puppy a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 will be required. The deposit will be put towards the price of the puppy.

When you get one of our puppies you are also getting the training we have started with them. Training starts at 3 days old with early neurological stimulation. This helps by improving the puppy’s cardio vascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease. For more information about early neurological stimulation click here.

 As soon as their eyes and ears start to open, we begin sound training/desensitization. The purpose of this training is to help the puppy get familiar with a variety of different sounds in a safe environment with mom. So, when they come home with you they will be more adapted to louder noises like door bells, fireworks, thunder, etc. An example of this can be found here.

At about four weeks old we start zone training. This training helps them learn that there are different areas to play, sleep, eat, and potty. Zone training will help make potty training easier when you bring puppy home. (note: we don’t use puppy pads so that your puppy will not get confused with something that might look like a puppy pad to them and have an accident in the house.) About the same time, we start kennel training in order for your puppy to become comfortable and have a safe place for them to be. We also begin training on how to sit, go up and down stairs, and bell training to signal the need to go outside to potty. All this training is to make this puppy purchasing experience better for both you and the puppy.


Training list:

  • Early neurological stimulation

  • Sound training

  • Socialize with adults and children

  • Zone training

  • Start on potty training

  • Start kennel training

  • Start bell training

  • Begin going up and down stairs

  • Work on sit

  • Work on biting 

Other things we do:

  • Provide images and videos through MarcoPolo phone app.

  • Dew claws removed

  • Shots

  • Checked on by a vet

  • Puppy package