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I cant say enough wonderful things about my experience with Family Pooches. When I first started looking for a cockapoo, I talked to a number of different breeders about their litters and dames; the reason why Marci and Tyler stood out is the manner in which they care for and treated their dame. Lily was their family dog, an integral part of their family, and therefore they looked after the puppies as their own and insist on ensuring that the new homes they depart to were similarly well cared for. They spent so much time handling and raising the puppies, provided pictures and updates throughout their development, and made themselves available for questions and support through the transition to new homes. Quincy is better than I could have hoped for. He’s a little guy at 20 pounds, but is far from a lap dog. Quincy is the first one up the mountain on a hike and wants to be anywhere you are. He is incredibly friendly, the mayor of his new neighborhood, sweetly tempered, socializes easily with other animals, smart and easy to train, and winner of every heart and mind he meets. I find that’s true of cockapoos generally, but its also due in large part to the care and attention he received as a young pup from Marci and Tyler. I’m so appreciative of their time and flexibility with me in the pickup and transition of bringing Quincy home, and have continued to enjoy their ongoing care from afar. I couldn’t recommend Family Pooches more highly!

— Stephanie and Quincy

Coava is such a joy to have in our family and the dog of our dreams! She is so sweet, cuddly, affectionate, playful, and smart. She loves being with people, chasing leaves or pine cones outside, and chewing on bully sticks. We fell in love with Coava from day 1 and so has everyone who has met her. Coava always does well at the veterinarian's office and likes to be petted anywhere, including her ears and paws. Our experience with Family Pooches was amazing! Tyler and Marci worked with her a lot and loved her well during her early days as a puppy. We also appreciated that she was fed quality puppy food.  They sent us pictures or videos of her almost every day before we took her home. We felt like we already knew her a little bit when we picked her up. They made Coava's transition as comfortable as possible with a bed and toys that smelled like her mom. We love Coava so much and are so glad she was loved and cared for from the day she was born. I would want to connect with Tyler and Marci in the future if we ever want another dog and highly recommend their puppies. If you take home a puppy from Family Pooches, you will not only have the most adorable puppy in your neighborhood, but will have a good natured dog you will want to have forever. 


Thank you for everything you did to make our experience with Coava amazing! We still can't believe we have the dog of our dreams.




— Laura and Coava

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